Just update app-specific password

Windows icon badges

Change icon dynamically

Force release

Transparent app window

Local site support

Launch in browser

Advanced notifications

Exit to tray

Download Issues

Transfer Ownership

Windows Installer Stuck

Full-text search UI

Offline screen

Resize window (with animation option)

Once-off pricing

Focus application when notification clicked

Update management


Staggered Rollout

Github account signup

Remove app messaging

Add uploadFiles to todesktop.json

Shared Electron lib

Bundle blacklist

Bundle audit

Agency plan

Rebuild not changing icon

Support private packages

Alert Support

Flash Support


Other architectures

32-bit builds


Press Kit

Download Analytics

Linux Icon Quality

Multiple window features

Deeplink API

Trial without Credit Card

Alert users that there is an update on the UI

Force restart on on update

Crash reporting

Specify platforms for once-off release

Force all links to open in same window

API to delete cache


Custom certs



Launch menubar as visible

Update Menubar Icon

Allow Concurrent Builds

Delete Billing Info

ToDesktop Built-Apps for Personal Use

Menubar App and Windowed App as One Desktop App

Seamless Updates

Provide Simple E2E Electron Testing Tools

Support Non-Alphabetic Characters in App Title

Custom Tabs

Screen Sharing Support

Multiple Tabs Support on Windows

Google's Browser/App Insecure Dialog

Push Notifications Support

Team Support

CSS/JS Injection

Allow Change of Url/Domain

Delete Account

Usage Analytics

Install/Uninstall analytics

Upgrade subscription

Version Analytics

Release Channels

Sanity Test before release

Tracking bundle size between builds

Release for just one platform (once-off)

Cancel a Build


There's nothing in the planned state.

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